Success Stories

What are others saying? Check out how Moviemakin' is making an impact...

“The program helped me greatly improve my creativity and my practical skills as an animator.

It was fun and I enjoyed it quite thoroughly. I would recommend itsince it gives one the insight of studio production team.” 

- Leong Shi Pei

“Mike is an awesome mentor!” 

-Emmanuel Molina, Student

"I think Mike is a great teacher and learned a lot from him!" 

- Ludmila Kraichete

This program was an eye opening experience, every student should make use of this opportunity” 

- Aishath Leena Hussain

"This program has opened my eyes to the many challenges that I will face later.

I would recommend this program, everyone that wants to enter this kind of industry should go through this first so if they mess up in any kind of way they would learn from it and can move on from there."

- Ross Soon

“It’s awesome!

Most of my current skills are the sum of the hours I spent learning on Moviemakin’.

The step-by-step training videos helped me understand what I need to become a successful animator.”

-Nejc Kosir


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